Getting into a new sport might be confusing, here's all important things you need to know:

How to book your session:

Click in the menu BOOK US, choose your option (11-hours session card, Gift Card, Ladies only Wakesurf / Wakeboard session, Wakeboard / Wakesurf session).

Click on Wakesurf / Wakeboard Session, choose the duration of your session (1 hour, 1,5 hours, 2 hours, 2,5 hours, 3 hours), select your preferred date and time slot, bold dates indicate available slots. Once you click on a day with available slots a drop down menu opens with the available time slots. 

Follow the steps and fill in the required information to get to the checkout.

Fill in your credit card details and complete the booking. 

You will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice by email.



All payments have to be made by credit card at the time of booking. Should online payment not be possible for some reason then please get in touch, we can reserve your slot and arrange payment in cash or by wire transfer.

In any case, all payments need to be done at least 48h hours in advance, otherwise the slot will be opened for other bookings. 


Boat capacity:

You can share your session with up to 5 friends, in total 6 people (excluding Code Wake Crew).

How to use the 11-sessions pack:

If you have bought our 11-sessions pack you got an email with a personalized voucher code. We have no access to this code, only you can book your sessions with this code. 

To use the code follow the usual steps to book a Wakeboard / Wakesurf session. Once you reach the checkout, enter your code and pay with it. 

To book your 11th complimentary session please contact us directly:

Whatsapp or call: +974 55447736

Email: info@code-wake.com

Or through the contact form on our website. 

How to use a special discount code:

From time to time we have some special promotions and publish a discount code on our social media accounts as well as on the website. 

To use the code follow the usual steps to book a session. Once you reach the checkout, insert the code and continue to enter your credit card details. The discount will be automatically deducted.

How to reschedule:

If your plans change and you want to reschedule your session please contact us via WhatsApp or call +974 55447736, minimum 24 hours in advance.

We can not give any refunds but can send you a voucher code to rebook your session. 


In case the weather conditions or forecast don't allow a safe and great experience we will decide to cancel and reschedule your session. For this we will get in touch with you ahead of your session.

In case of force majeure we might need to decide to cancel and reschedule the session on the spot.


No Shows:

It can always happen that you arrive late to your session. Please give us a call or send us a message in this case. If we don't receive any notification and 20min after the session started no one shows up we will consider this as a no show. In this case our staff might leave the station or will go for a quick session. We won't give any refund in case of a no show.  


When should I arrive at the station:

Of course we want to give you the full time on the water, for this we need to leave our station a few minutes early. It is important that you arrive 15min ahead of your time slot, this will give us enough time to get ready. 

Please note: our days are usually very busy and we are not able to extend your session in case you are late.

How to reach the Code Wake station:

Our station is located on the Pearl, Porto Arabia, Tower/ Marina Gate 22, in front of Java U cafe. 

Free visitor parking is available in Tower 22.

Once you reach Marina Gate 22, give us a buzz on +974 55447736.

What to bring:

Bring some water, sun protection, cap, towel, lycra or poncho. In colder weather conditions bring your own wetsuit if you have. 

If you have your own wakeboard or wakesurf board feel free to bring it as well. 

What we offer:

All equipment is included in the rate:

  • Wakeboards, several sizes available  
  • Wakesurf board, surf - or skim style, several sizes available 
  • Rope
  • Vests
  • Wetsuit for the colder days
  • Boat with Captain 

We offer basic coaching and sometimes have a pro coach flying in for a wake clinic.


Difference between wakesurfing and wakeboarding:

In wake surfing, a rider is surfing the wave created by the boat without the use of a rope. In wakeboarding, the boat in front of a rider tows the rider with a rope. Wakesurfing is slower and doesn't require as much physical strength as wakeboarding, thus making it a perfect sport for kids and adults of all ages.

There is no general rule as of which sport is easier or harder to learn. Both sports have a few things in common but also come with their own challenges  - best is to try both:)


Kids on the boards:

There is no real age limit for wakesurfing and wakeboarding. As a general rule we say that kids can start around 6 years. However, if your children are comfortable and confident in the water, they can begin earlier. We find it is a bit easier for kids to start with wakeboarding where both feet are strapped into the boots. Of course we have a variety of smaller boards and life vests for our younger guests.


Both sports in one session:

It is no problem to do wakesurfing and wakeboarding in one session. To fully change the ballast settings from one to the other sport will take around 5 minutes though. 


Best times for a session:

We love our early morning sessions for a reason. Early mornings tend to be less windy and as there is hardly any boat traffic the conditions are usually the best. Afternoon sunset sessions are beautiful, but especially in the warmer summer months there can be quite a lot of boat traffic which messes up the water.

Wakeboarding we only recommend in the mornings when the water is nice and flat and when there's no boat traffic.


How long to book for:

We suggest to calculate with a minimum of 20 minutes per rider. To change vests and boards in between riders usually takes a few minutes and less than 20 minutes per rider can get quite tight. For beginners we suggest to allow a minimum of 30 minutes for the first session.